Samsung’s Revamped Emojis Actually Recognizable

Samsung is finally falling in line with other manufacturers’ emoji designs.

Rolling out now as part of Samsung Experience 9.0, the new characters bring some “notoriously divergent designs” more in line with other vendors.

“Face Screaming in Fear will look more Munch than anime demise and Woman Dancing is more poised and elegant than the current sneaker-stomp,” according to Emojipedia.

Most of the South Korean tech titan’s expressive symbols follow Unicode standards. There are a few, however, that are unmistakably … unique.

As Emojipedia pointed out in September, Samsung’s Angry Face With Horns is actually a devious imp, while its Alien Monster looks more like classic Hollywood than a pixelated game character.

Not to mention the fact that a cracker and a cookie are inherently two different things.

Samsung has moved away from its “unique emoji suite” to make designs match those of the other major vendors (via Emojipedia)

“North of a thousand design modifications have been made: some major, some minor, and some so minuscule they’re nearly invisible to the human eye,” Emojipedia said.

Some have lost their “anime flair,” as the site put it; others now portray their meaning more clearly. Samsung also removed its characteristic tilt, turning faces forward instead of on a slant.

And, fans of kissing faces and tongue-sticking-out icons will notice a difference: Samsung has ditched its extraneous hearts, watery eyes, and blushing cheeks.

Humans aren’t the only ones getting a makeover, though. Emojipedia tipped new yellow-and-black cat faces to replace the grey-and-blue ones, and the oddly popular poop emoji now comes with a smile.

Despite copious changes, Samsung is standing its ground when it comes to people with bunny ears, as well as regional indicator symbol letters U and V.

All of the kissing and tongue-sticking-out faces have been tweaked (via Emojipedia)

“Overall, this update appears to retain a lot of the charm of Samsung’s emoji set, while fixing the most egregious cross-platform compatibility issues,” Emojipedia said.

An additional 239 characters (most of those Apple, Google, and Microsoft launched in March 2017) also come with the Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 users.

Late last year, Google came under fire for its egregious hamburger emoji error, which it fixed by moving the cheese from below to above the patty.

The next batch of Unicode symbols—including ginger hair, a chess pawn, and a pirate flag—are scheduled for release in June.


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Samsung’s Revamped Emojis Actually Recognizable
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