I Left Android For The IPhone 6s Plus. First I Hated It. Then I Didn\'t

I've been using (and trying to get used to) the iPhone 6s Plus as my daily-use handset after a few years in the open, wild west of freedom that Android provides.

It's taken me a few days to figure out, especially since I've been using another iPhone as a nightly reader for years. But I didn't feel the full force of the closed and limited Apple ecosystem until I had to rely solely on an Apple device to manage voice and text communications.

After spending nearly $2,500 on two phones with Apple Care+, I wanted to feel like I got something new and good, rather than something I'd have to constantly fight with in order to derive some value from.

For a few days after buying the phone, I had buyer's remorse.

I asked myself, "Shouldn't something this brand new and this popular feel good to use?" Instead, every time I picked up the phone, I got that twinge that said, "Oh man, what fresh hell will I experience with whatever I'm about to try doing now?" Even though I hadn't found any deal-breakers, I was considering returning the thing,

Fundamentally, the difference between iOS and Android is control -- whether you have control or cede it to the world's most profitable corporation. There are tremendous nuances in that difference, and these nuances often reveal themselves in seemingly unimportant yet grating ways.

Source : http://www.zdnet.com/article/five-days-with-the-iphone-6s-plus-and-i-kind-of-hated-it/

I left Android for the iPhone 6s Plus. First I hated it. Then I didn't
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