Here Is A Look At Both Of The Official Chinese PUBG Mobile Games

Yes, two of them!

While we already knew PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was coming to Chinese mobile devices, it is kind of surprising to learn that there are two variations of the game. While they both bare resemblance to the official PC version, each game seems to focus on a different aspect of the experience.

Army Attack strips back the more tactical elements of the main game and gets players into the action a lot quicker. You'll also see a greater focus on air combat, something that the main game doesn't even feature. Battlefield, meanwhile, is basically the main game running on mobile devices. Somehow, it doesn't look like a total waste of time and actually retains a lot of the "quality" from the main game.

My question is whether or not these ports will ever leave China. I wouldn't mind seeing different game modes creep into PUBG, especially since the gunplay is solid enough to warrant diversions from the main gimmick. Air battles could potentially screw up the idea of an enclosing circle, but allowing for straight deathmatch on those two maps would be pretty awesome.

Even if they don't, it is pretty impressive how much of the core PUBG experience has made the transition. I don't think I could ever play a shooter on a mobile device, but at least people who enjoy those kind of controls have an option to experience the fervor around PUBG.

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Here is a look at both of the official Chinese PUBG mobile games
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