Commander One Review: A Superior Alternative To Android File Transfer On Mac

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As a Mac user, I've felt like a pariah over the past years that I've also been using Android as my go-to mobile platform. Mac works fantastically with iOS, but Android doesn't have any powerful integration with any desktop environment. That's been the status-quo of things for as long as I remember. Android does work well enough with Windows when you're just trying to transfer some files though. But if you're on a Mac, simply plugging in the phone with a USB cable and choosing the MTP mode (File Transfer) wouldn't do the trick, you'd need a separate app called Android File Transfer (ATP) from Google to make it work. And this is where things would go either averagely well either terribly wrong.

The problem with Android File Transfer


Two of many error messages you may see with Android File Transfer.

Android File Transfer users can easily list a series of issues with the app. Sometimes it disconnects for no reason, sometimes it fails to see the device, and don't quote me on this but I think it hasn't been updated for many years now. At least it still looks and works now like it did the first time I tried it. It's a pretty rudimentary utility with nothing but one window to browse the different folders on your phone. You can delete a file, create a new folder, and select files to drag-and-drop between it and Mac's Finder.

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Commander One review: A superior alternative to Android File Transfer on Mac
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